Carpe Diem #727 a butterfly flies

a butterfly flies
only in the field
of sunshine            © Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)


Since the time my daughter was four we have collected swallowtail caterpillars and raised them.



We usually have 3 times when they hatch.  The first group in summer, the second in late September, the last group do not hatch until  early spring and overwinter in their chrysalis. 



leaving behind an empty chrysalis
the butterfly emerges
it’s new wings still fragile
as they dry in the soft breeze
preparing for a new life
soaring among the blossoms


waiting in silence
spinning your world
into a cocoon


emergence slow
your wings unfurl
slowly hardening


your wings spread
begin a flight coloring
your own world

Taken on my daughter’s 17th birthday as we left church.


elusive butterfly
her subtle beauty
flutters briefly

My daughter’s own flight into the world seems as fragile. She deals daily with a disorder known as selective mutism and crohn’s disease.  She has overcome much and at 17 is just starting her last 6 week term for her first year of college.