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Carpe Diem -Narrow Road

Beneath the Stars

Carpe Diem #882 beneath the stars of the deep north: low tide crossing, July



pine needles quiver
in orange glow of sunrise
venus still shines


the night air hot
late in October –
a wren still chirps

Silk Tree

Carpe Diem #881 following Basho into the deep north: Mount Atsumi; a hot day’s sun; Kisagata silk tree




mimosa blossoms
quiver in the breeze
of hummingbird wings

Secrets of the Deep North unveiled

Carpe Diem #880 secrets unveiled of the Deep North: coolness, cloud peaks, not permitted to tell


trickling water
the scent of magnolia


Summer Rains

Carpe Diem #879 On our way to Mogamigawa: summer rains, admirable


summer rain
how quickly the river
floods over the road


mist and rain
a walk through the clouds
this summer morning


summer rains
the peony bows her head
from weight of tears


Such Stillness

Carpe Diem #878 the journey continues: an eyebrow brush; such stillness

This spring when we had climbed to the top of Chimney Rock  there was no view.  You could barely see the edge  of the mountain where it was engulfed in thick clouds.   It was as if everything had been swallowed up, even the sounds and if you got to close you would just disappear.


mountain summit
clouds engulf the view
silence hanges


a wren’s voice
parting the clouds
atop the mountain


Roots of Elegance

Carpe Diem #872 our journey continues: across the field; one patch of a rice field; roots of elegance

This past March we hiked through the beautiful woods of North Carolina.

springwalk haigia.jpg

spring walk
what a joy to find


at the alter
of the rotting tree
half a walnut


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