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December 2017

New Year’s Eve

 Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #13 New Year’s Eve

new year’s eve
the church bell tolls
resounding off stars

new year’s day
your breath curls
close to mine


new year’s eve
sipping hot tea alone
nothing changes

Weekend Meditation -Troiku 3

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #12 Christmas Troiku

Untitled-2ancient warriors
between battle and peace
writing haiku                                
© Chèvrefeuille               

ancient warriors
reliving heroic deeds
in story and song

between battle and peace
horrors of war fade
fighting glorified

writing haiku
drawing strength from nature
resolving conflict

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #12 Christmas Troiku (2)

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #12 Christmas Troiku


Christmas bells
pouring excitement
into the air                                            © Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)


Christmas bells
toll the midnight hour
worshippers depart

pouring excitement
fat flakes waltz from heaven
moon lighting the way

into the air
carols fade
world transformed

Weekend Meditation – Troiku (1)

Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #12 Christmas Troiku


winter solitude –
in a world of one color
the sound of wind                             © Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)

winter solitude –
a gust of wind
steals my hat

in a world of one color
faint tracks of a rabbit
crisscross the lawn

the sound of wind
dancing in the branches
sifting snow

Seven Days Before Christmas – Day 7

Seven Days Before Christmas -Day 7 stress

christmas-7 days

Christmas eve
cold wind tugging my sleeve
as I  hurry home


Christmas sermon
the stress melting away
remembering true gift

Seven Days Before Christmas Day 6

Seven Days Before Christmas -Day 6 presents

christmas-7 days


brightly wrapped gifts
waiting under the tree
child peers in awe

Seven Days Before Christmas – Day 5

Seven Days to Christmas -Day 5 A Choir of Angels

christmas-7 days

Christmas pageant
angelic choir of cherubs
delighting parents

Seven Days Before Christmas – Day 4

Carpe diem – Seven Days to Christmas -Day 4 Christmas Story

christmas-7 days
star filled night
in a not so quiet stable
a savior is born


Seven Days Before Christmas -Day 3

Carpe Diem Seven Days to Christmas -Day 3 White Christmas

christmas-7 days

silence falls
colored lights softly muted
white Christmas


scarves flying
gleeful peals of laughter
Christmas snow

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