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July 2017


Carpe Diem #1224 dunes

walking the dunes
colors of early light
painting my way


sand in my shoe
remnant of our time
exploring the dunes



Ocean Dawn

Dawn 4

Dawn 3

dawn early rays
set the pier ablaze
tide washes pilings


Dawn 1

in grey light of dawn
dune grasses gently wave
sadness lifts


dawn 6

early light of dawn
sets the trees on fire
this winter morning


Dawn 5

ocean waves
blush in the kiss of dawn
seagull fishes


dawn 2

against peach skies
dawn exposes cloud castles
watching the waves

Tan Renga with Jane

morning breeze
coming in the window
surf sounds                          © Jane Reinhold

dolphin’s noisy chatter
as a pod passes by               
© Dolores


without lights
the brightness of a blue sky
full of stars                           © Jane Reinhold

becomes a wonder to behold
a playground of hopes and dreams    
© Dolores


balanced at dawn
a full moon slides into the sea
without ripples     © Jane Reinhold

as the sun leaps from the depths
creating a pool of red                     
© Dolores


stars bend down
into the wind of whitecaps
morning light                                  © Jane Reinhold

along the beach a ghost crab
scavenges for it’s breakfast             © Dolores

At The Buddha’s Feet



butterfly alights
scattering cherry blossoms
at the buddha’s fee

butterfly alights
softly on the hand
a bit of good fortune


scattering cherry blossom
at the buddha’s feet
a noisy robin

at the buddha’s feet
two white pebbles and a snail
glisten in the sun

Last Goodbye

Carpe Diem #1214 dawn

dawn 7.jpg

through the curtain
dawn’s early light filters
bathing your body

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