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November 2014

Day 28 Predawn:Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 28 Predawn:Haibun Journey — View from my Window

I gaze out the window in the predawn blackness as I prepare turkey and yam for my in-laws. The cold seeps through the glass. My thoughts turn to my bird feeder, which sits empty, one side coated with snow. The suet feeder has been swiped again, stupid raccoon. I ponder whether I should brave the cold while I’m up and put out food. The question really isn’t should I, but will I. Those adorable creature bring me such joy year round with their adoring antics. Really, how much colder could it be then standing here on the icy stone tiles waiting for a pot to boil

feathered friend
plumped out against the cold
last offerings eaten


day so cold
even the wren and Cardinal
share a feast

Day 27 Gratefulness: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 27 Gratefulness — Haibun Journey View from my Window

Outside my window I am surprised to see the trees look like someone dusted cookies with powdered sugar. Thinking of surprises I smile, it surprised me to find my husband laughing to himself at dinner the other night. He is always so reserve. I ask what was so funny and he replies nothing. I have to coax him into telling. He says “So we’re going to Ann’s for Thanksgiving.” I affirm this and he replies, “Then everyone hold on to your shoes.” We all laugh and laugh.

You must know the back story on this: My sister always requires everyone to leave their shoes at the door. Since her would floors are freezing we bring our slippers. When we were leaving my husband couldn’t find his shoes. My dad had put on his shoes and gone home. The ones left were too small, so my husband went home in his bedroom slippers, plus wore them in the store we had planned to stop at.

I called my dad the next day. I said, “ Dad, did you notice anything strange about your shoes? He said, “No” “Well now that I think of it they seem a bit loose.” Try 2 sizes. Now we always warn people that my dad never goes shoe shopping, he just browses among his son-in-laws shoes and chooses what he likes.

Although the sky is grey, I am filed with a wave of thankfulness. I think of how luck we are to have family to be with despite all our quirks. Spend time with family, annoyances and all, so you have plenty of memories to get you though the times when you don’t feel grateful.

I am grateful for friends, family, freedom and food. Happy Thanksgiving!

dusting of snow
adding beauty
as time to memories

Day 26 Last Days of Autumn: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 26 Last Days of Autumn: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

I gaze outside my window at an ocean of brown leaves. Nostalgia greets meet like the morning sun. Thoughts drift to my daughter playing in deep piles of leaves. Memories that team with her rare smiles and laughter. Looking again at the leaves I think about plucking a myriad of leaves from her long tangle hair.

Then my memories drift to my own childhood and leaf fights and walks in the woods. The dry leaves crunching under the steps of 8 pairs of shoes. This was not a quiet reflective walk. I still hear my parent’s voices trying to reign us in as we ran about willy nilly; and our voices yelling “Cheerios” as we searched for echoes. As we shove our way to be king of the hill, I’m nudged back to the present with the sounds of a waking household.

leaves crunch underfoot
arms outstretched in victory
king of the hill falls


autumn morning
nostalgia and memories

Day 25 Wind Spirits: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 25 Wind Spirits – Haibun Journey View from my Window

As I watch out my window, hundreds of brown leaves flee across the lawn before the wind. Mischief is in the air today. The electricity flickers on and off, as I watch the wind force the trees to dance. A large blue tarp goes tumbling down the street. It takes a turn and pirouettes across my lawn, barley skirting my fire bushes. After a last tumble across my neighbors yard it promenades down the street and out of sight. I hope it wasn’t one of ours. The wind laughs as I turn away.

mischievous wind
playing havoc
umbrellas whisked away


wind spirits
quaffing our hair
in outlandish styles.

Day 24 Wind and Romance: Haibun Journey — View from My Window

Day 24 Wind and Romance — Haibun Journey View from my Window

Outside my window the wind howls, dies to a soft moan and then howls again. My thoughts race across the lonely moors chased by ghost and banshee tales. Then suddenly I am standing on a lighthouse widow walk watching for a ship I know will not return. The wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald plays in my mind. I dare not open the curtain, but pull the comforter over my head. Sinking in the softness of the pillows, I dream of summer days …. you call my name across the threshold. A touch of wind and romance.

other worldly fog 
howling across the moorlands 
Hounds of Baskervilles


wind and fog 
across the moors 
your ghost cries


the wind howls and moans 
inside we light a fire 
romance and mystery

Day 23 Rain: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 23 Rain: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

A quiet rain falls outside my window. On the driveway are rainbow swirled puddles from my oil leak, or perhaps they are from your leaking brake fluid. It seems everything leaks today. The leaking gutter plays a pretty little drum beat on the ground below my window in contrast to the plipitty plip annoying sound of the faucet. Tears leak again, as I think about my friends who I’ll see at church today and their great loss. But still, I am thankful that we have rain, thankful for running water. Thankful for so many friends who will help shoulder this loss. Thankful that God has not forsaken me.

gentle rainfall 
mixture of sorrow and gratitude 

Day 22 Darkness: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 22 Darkness — Haibun Journey View from my Window

From my window only darkness and the sounds of your snoring rising and falling like a soft song. I rise and search for something from another window. To the south only two stars, to the west my neighbors lamppost lights a small patch of green grass. In the hallway, a soft glow from my daughters rooms tells me she’s on her laptop. I tell her its past 3 am and we have a big day. Toward the north many orange squares of light are visible now that the woods are bare. I sit in the darkness and try to find inspiration.

darkness spreads
into every corner
I close my eyes

searching for inspiration
in an uninspired mind


late at night
as I cover the children
floorboards creak

Day 21 clouded vision: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 21 Clouded Vision -Haibun JourneyView from my Window

I look out the window tonight with clouded vision. Orion shines high above, so clear and bright, even his hilt is visible. Somehow I expect something different, something drastic as my heart is torn in sorrow. I grieve for the young boy who has lost a second parent in less than two years, I grieve for my elderly friend who must bury her son, for my friend who must bury her brother, for my friend and the great loss to our community. Some how the stars appear cold and distant. The universe continues without observance of one bright star that has unexpectedly burned out.

stars shine bright
without observance
of a light gone out

autumn’s passing
a spectacular show
sorrow in our hearts

your laughter and smile
your welcoming ways
not to be forgotten

In memory of TJ Hill with love and prayers

Day 20 Dapple Light: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Day 20 Dapple Light: Haibun Journey — View from my Window

Dapple light filters through the blinds. The black morning and headache gone now. Joyous light sparkles on the brown leaves, casting long black shadows. I stretch and yawn. It promises to be a great day after all.

bare limbs
warmed by dapple light
filtering in


fairies skip
amongst the leaf shadows
autumn morning


birds alight
on the uncloaked maple
day awaits

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