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August 2018

Weekend Meditation #47

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #47 quest for a (new) masterpiece


rainy night
the tin roof echos
your name


at my feet
rose petals fall –
my heat aching

Weekend Meditation #46 Autumn Coolness

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #46 Renga With Basho Hineri “autumn coolness”

autumn coolness
each peeling with our hands
melons and eggplant

our fingers stained
with memories of summer

with young leaves
I would like to wipe away
the tears in your eyes

offering you shelter
from winter’s harsh language

to get wet passing by
a man is interesting
bush clover in rain

dainty blossoms transending
dampness of the moors

a clear night
cooling myself under cherry trees
waves of flowers

sweetness paling
to the scent of you

blossoms at their peak
the mountain the same as always
at daybreak

today, perhaps
a little brighter with you

swinging bridge
lives are intertwined
in Ivy vines

my thoughts a tangle
of love and disbelief


haiku  © Matsuo Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold; taken from “Basho, The Complete Haiku”)




Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #45 Gogyohka, a modern way of writing/creating tanka

IMG_1793blackened case
with sudden split
a monarch
wings unfurling



broken flower
mud splattered
my heart
breaking again


morning glory
heart shaped leaves
vines encircling
blossoms trumpeting


on the beach
waves crashing
against my feet
my thoughts
ebb and flow


grey movement
in the trampled grass
makes me look harder
until I spot
a hatchling





Renga with Basho #5 – Spring Night

Carpe Diem Renga With Basho #5 such a fragrance

spring night
someone in retreat is lovely
in the temple corner

a shy smile spreads
from acknowledged nod

red plum
creating unobtainable love
blinds of a noble lady

fruit soured
for a breath of air

what kind of tree
with the unknown flower
such a fragrance

scents of the night
mix with forbidden love

with a fan
drinking wine in the shadow
of scattered blossoms

young geisha
dreams of roses

melting away
the brush draws up the water
of a spring

contentment fades
into sleep

blossoms at their peak
the mountain the same as always
at daybreak

nothing has changed
yet everything has

© Matsuo Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold

Renga with Basho

Carpe Diem’s Renga Challenge #4 flower-like snowflakes

For this renga challenge or ryogin  the haiku is  by   Matsuto Bashi and the response and lineup by me.

Haiku © Matsuo Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

into the sea
throwing my sandals
rain on my hat

praising the heavens
water for the harvest

falling to the ground
a flower closer to the root
bidding farewell

summer passage
I make my way home

a crane on the rice paddy
in a village in autumn

heat and dust of the day
cloaked under his wings

village kids
don’t break all the plum branches
for cattle whips

I mourn the passage
of summer fruits and blossoms

sleep on a journey
then you will understand my poem
autumn winds

frost echos the leaves’ edges
summer greens mingling with fire

polished again
the mirror is as clear as
flower-like snowflakes

taking a long hard look
it the year’s new grey

My Lucky Tea

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #43 Troiku Challenge: My Lucky Tea

tonight’s moon–
how many mountains resemble
the ones back home?

going outside
plum blossoms dive in…
my lucky tea
© Kobayashi Issa (Tr. David G. Lanoue)


New Year’s eve
moon dives into memories
back home sipping tea

New Year’s eve
plum blossoms swirl
over the mountains

moon dives into memories
your hand brushing mine
a ghost from the past

back home sipping tea
family and friends gather
wrapped in laughter



Pouring Rain

Carpe Diem #1484 pouring rain

pouring rain
grandkids in swimsuits sit
pouting at the window


pouring rain
the flowers bow their heads
in thanksgiving



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