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October 2016

Paper Folding

Carpe Diem #1079 folding paper

This prompt made me think of the Japanese legend of folding 1000 papet2ec16hyse9sy0k1wwbrb0oste0g-_35r cranes.  It also made me think of a  children’s book  on Sadako Sasaki.  Sadako was a young girl affected by he atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. She has become a symbol of peace and reminds us of all the children victims of nuclear war .




paper folding 
one thousand cranes
grant a wish


644 cranes
flutter in the breeze
death comes too soon


after you are gone
thousands of paper cranes
stir our hearts



Autumn Moon Rises

Carpe Diem Universal Jane #2 the moon rises each night (tanka)


Image from Pixbay



Autumn moon rises
swelling like an inflated balloon
resting on the horizon
memories unleashed
dreams imbued with hope




Universal Jane #1

Carpe Diem’s Universal Jane #1 Introduction “all my years”


sound of the river
a lilting flute cascading
through the forest


between  the peaks
setting sun kisses
the mountain river


Carpe Diem #1068 camellia

Camellia -Chinese culture represents true love,  The petals represent the female and the calyx her male protector.  Unlike most flowers, when the flower petals fall so does the calyx.

walk in the garden
young lover selects blossom
sweet camellia

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