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Carpe Diem Little Creatures


Carpe Diem Little Critters # 20 Wren


tiny jenny wren
with her song joyous and loud
awakening all


on a winter morn
wren checking spider webs
for breakfast tidbits


amid the ivy
jenny wren performs


cherry warbles
resound on the air
wren’s song


solo performance
little wren with her tail poised
showing her all



Carpe Diem Little Creatures #19 violets

haigiadandelionviolets copy

bouquet wilting in tiny hands
springs first precious gifts

This poem is an old one from 2001.  Thought I tried to edit it to free style form but not very successful, or does it just become a different poem all together?

wilted bouquet
dandelions and violets
precious gift

House au Auvers

Carpe Diem #675 House (au Auvers)

Farms near Auvers 1890 by Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890
Farms near Auvers, 1890 by Vincent Van Gogh

in the glade
Twisted vines and marigolds
our house of sunshine




hidden in the tall grass
our house of twigs and buttercups
awaiting fairies


against the cold
this old house shelters us
with warmth


Carpe Diem Little Creatures # 18 Issa’s “rice blossoms”


dragonfly prays
over wilted flower
for a moment

White Crysanthemum

Carpe diem Little Creatures # 17, Ippyo’s “all the chrysanthemums

filling in the spaces
white chrysanthemums
in funeral bouquet


my brother’s casket
white chrysanthemums
and a grasshopper

Shepherd’s Purse

Carpe Diem #654 Shepherd’s Purse

Picture Credits
Picture Credits

tiny seeds spilled
across the walkway
shepherd’s purse empty

chaffinch joyously feasting
on unexpected bounty


Carpe Diem Little Creatures # 16 Daisies

garden brimming
with scents and color
daisies from A to Z


in the spring garden
stirring in the breeze
blue paris daisies

wiki media commons by KENPEI’s photo (blue marguerite or paris daisy)

fields of gold
blaze in the summer sun
tickseed blossoms

DSC_0608purple cone flowers
nectar for the butterflies
on a summer’s day

Peonies and Ants

 Carpe Diem: Little Creatures #14 Spring Rain

Challenge: all new haiku in the classical way (5-7-5; cutting-word; season word; deeper meaning; inter-changeable first and third line) inspired on a haiku written by Matsuo Basho about a Hornet’s nest
suzumebachino su kara yane doro darake no mizutamari wo kaishi te haru no ame wo shizuku
spring rain,
leaking through the roof,
dripping from the wasps’ nest.
© Matsuo Basho (1644-1694)
long line of black ants
trespassing in my kitchen
peonies past prime

Little Creatures “Mud Snails”

Carpe Diem “Little Creatures” #15, Buson’s “Mud-Snails

The Tanishi “mud-snails” are about 1 inch long.  They out compete, native snails, mussels, and clams in America and Canadian because they eat literally anything.


Not familiar with these snails, i just wrote about the tiny ones in my garden.

on my son’s porch
every dawn and dusk
snails congregate


silver snail trails
sparkle in the dirt
early morning


lichen covered branch
rots on ground
underneath a few fat snails

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