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August 2019

My Daily Thoughts

After taking twenty-five days off from writing, not just fifteen, I am going to start back up tomorrow. My past record for writing was just under six years of daily haibun paragraphs and haiku. I am surprisingly really missing my writing. This daily writing was started as a way to help me with my cognitive functioning. I have had difficulty reading and wiring since the start of my illness in 1999. In March of 2000, I had to retire from teaching special education learning and behavior classes. When you have no answers for your medical and mental difficulties it is very frustrating. I believe my daily writing has made a tremendous contribution to my attitude. Focusing on something other than yourself is very important. When i couldn’t walk or get around much I started hand quilting and moved on to art quilts on the machine. I started sitting with hospice patients so family members could go shopping or just get out of the house for a bit. These helped but the writing challenged me and made me look for the positive things around me. My writing is not of extraordinary adventures, but of looking outward and finding the beauty and stories in the mundane. It’s been quite a ride for me. I have enjoyed my break but tomorrow I will start again. Wondering if I can make it to ten years this time. Hope you enjoy my thoughts.

A Break

I have been pushing myself to write a haibun everyday since sometime in 2014. I was able to do this for 2181 days straight. That is approximately 5.9 years. Although my stories did not always get published on time it was an unbroken run. This started as a challenge to myself because of the difficulty I have with writing and reading since my medical retirement in 2000.

I’ve been busy getting ready for several art shows and putting in long hours. My break has lasted 15 day break. Hopefully I will start back in a day or two. Unfortunately for my ego, I have to restart my days writing to one.


Carpe Diem #1728 Columbine


ring of doves
gracing the garden
with early color


pink, purple and red
columbine naturalizes
throughout the yard


rubbing my hands
with your beauty for courage
facing the road ahead


Columbine pictures from my spring garden

Scarlet Pimpernel

Carpe Diem #1725 Scarlet Pimpernel
Credit: The Manic Macrographer

scarlet pimpernel
adornment of the fields
goes to bed at noon



Carpe Diem #1724 Cornflower

cornflower (bachelor buttons)



soundless ocean waves
drought tolerant sea of blue
~bachelor buttons~


Carpe Diem #1717 Sunflowers

IMG_3884 copy.png
 © DoloresQuilts

gleeful chirps
tit mice discover
my sunflowers


Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #96 Little Ones … Sedoka


A Sedoka is an unrhymed poem composed of two katauta. A katauta has three lines with the syllable pattern 5-7-7 and is complete in itself and able to stand alone. A Sedoka therefore has the syllable count: 5-7-7, 5-7-7.

field of red flowers
evokes memories of war
the names so long forgotten

call to arms remain
in Flander’s field the dead still lie
poppies with their crimson blush


Andrew Curtis

remembrance day
red poppies exchanged for white
ghost of glamorous war

Carpe Diem #1716 Poppies

Field of Flowers

Carpe Diem #1715 Field Of Flowers …


emerging from woods
I’m greeted with humming,
profusion of flowers

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