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January 2015

Borrow Sleep

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #71 Basho’s “borrowing sleep”


borrowing sleep
from the scarecrow’s sleeves

midnight frost                      (Basho)

little mouse burrows deeper
wrapped in stolen flannel



borrowing sleep
from the scarecrow’s sleeves

midnight frost                      (Basho)

the owlet’s cry harsh
in the still night air

Writing Techniques # 4 Surprise

Carpe Diem’s Writing Techniques # 4, Surprise


in autumn sunlight
dancing across your gravestone
shadows and memories


in the street light
playing with a mouse
a screech owl


late at night
the click of Mahjong tiles
and a cat’s meow

Sogi’s 5th Haiku

Carpe Diem Special #129 Sogi’s 5thl

cherry blossoms fade
thoughts return to mundane
dreams await

Cherry blossoms Lake Balboa (20140330-0222)

Cherry blossom time
amongst the falling petals
butterflies flutter

Isle of the Blessed

Carpe Diem #565 Isle of the Blessed (Hoorai)

isle of the blessed
floating loose upon the sea
roaming with ancients


isle of hoorai
splendid land where spirits gather
joy everlasting

Tan Renga Challenge “Sweet Perfume”

Carpe Diem tan renga challenge #70


sweet perfume
mingles with the sound of rain –
a dog barks                                      © Chèvrefeuille

sitting on the swing
watching spring bloom


sweet perfume
mingles with the sound of rain –
a dog barks                                      © Chèvrefeuille

shadows linger in the night
an owls voice reverberates

First Calligraphpy

Carpe Diem # 655 First Calligraphy (kakazomi)

This was my first writing for this new year:

half a century
into silver sequins
last year’s birthday


As a left hander my fingers always drag through the ink.  I’ve had many mishaps trying to learn the art of calligraphy as a child and young adult  I have since turn my paper sideways and form the letters sideways going down instead of across. No smearing.

ink smudges on hand
letters wobble on straight lines
first calligraphy




first calligraphy
ink bleeds from trepidation
wavering haiku


Ink splats on paper
fountain pen leaking again
Thoughts lost in blackness


Shepherd’s Purse

Carpe Diem #654 Shepherd’s Purse

Picture Credits
Picture Credits

tiny seeds spilled
across the walkway
shepherd’s purse empty

chaffinch joyously feasting
on unexpected bounty

Time Glass #18

Carpe Diem Time Glass #18

3d_landscape cottage
Credits for landscape with balloons

balmy afternoon
grass rustles in the breeze
thoughts soar through


sunlit cracks
colors soar overhead
aspirations rise


Carpe Diem Little Creatures # 16 Daisies

garden brimming
with scents and color
daisies from A to Z


in the spring garden
stirring in the breeze
blue paris daisies

wiki media commons by KENPEI’s photo (blue marguerite or paris daisy)

fields of gold
blaze in the summer sun
tickseed blossoms

DSC_0608purple cone flowers
nectar for the butterflies
on a summer’s day

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