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Carpe Diem Festival

Kodomo No Hi

Carpe Diem #839 Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day, former Boys Day)

The Japanese call the colorful carp-like streamers flying during this festival Koi-Nobori,  Hoisted on bamboo poles these streamers fill with wind and seem to swim in the air. A carp is flown for each son in the family, a very large one for the eldest, the others ranging down in size.

Creditt: Wikipedia

festival time
tradition continues
carp streamers flying
girls included – Tango  becomes
Kokomo festival


Doll Festival

Carpe Diem #836 Hina Matsuri (Dolls Festival or Girls’ Day)

doll festival
out shined
by smiling child

Blossom Viewing

Carpe Diem #835 Hanami (blossom viewing)


cherry blossoms quake
beneath the swallowtails weight
viewers hold their breath

Silver Creek

Carpe Diem #833 Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

Credit: Sekkun
Credit: Sekkun

My memories cannot compete with the beauty of the ice festival at Lake Shikotsu. The Japanese really know how to do it up right.  It takes two months for them to create all of the ice sculptures.


below frozen falls
ice dotted with colors
of winter garments


Silver Creek – author is goofy one in red coat and flowered pants

Carpe Diem Festival Month

Getting a late start to the Carpe Diem Celebration of Japanese Festivals and 3rd Anniversary.


Carpe Diem #830 New Year

a new year
my heart opened
to possibilities

Carpe Diem #831 Ohmato Taikai (Festival of the Great Target)

boasting your prowess
your arrow quivers at the target
striking my frail heart

Carpe Diem #832 Wakakusa Yamayaki (Burning down Mount Wakakusa)

summer fireworks
mountains reflected in the  lake
appear to be burning

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