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November 2016


Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #27 decay


autumn decay
blanketing spring bulbs
protection from cold
autumn rain drenching my skin
awakening winter blues



Black Earth

for Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #24 Black Earth

Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning . The Black Earth by Timothy Snyder is a history of the Holocaust and also serves as a warning. In lite of the recent election and the election of xenophobic leaders in other countries I feel we are closer than ever to repeat such a tragic event. In his book Timothy Snyder show how ordinary citizens turn a blind eye to what is going on. He talks of the brave few who try and help at great personal risk. He also talks of how our twenty-first century is beginning to resemble the twelfth. I believe it would behove our current house and senate to take heed and read this book.

in the chernozem belts
long growing seasons
yield much grain
but this atmosphere of hate
will keep bread from being shared

chernozem- a rich fertile black soil

Fragile Beauty

carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #19 Teika’s 7th Tanka Writing Technique “clever treatment” (prompt: fragile beauty)

calla lily
enticing beauty
with milky skin
your lovely touch
causes skin irritation


lovely moonflower
spills its beauty in the night
perfuming the air
nectar and seeds full
of hallucinogenic  toxin


Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #16 Teika’s Sixth Tanka Writing Technique “visual description” (prompt: waterfall)


Ozone Falls
only a trickle
from rock rim
walking the dry source
a pool of minnows


Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #14 stormIMG_2188.JPG

sunny afternoon
stars and stripes blossom again
after the cold snap
our love weathers every storm
growing more beautiful


Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #6 chestnuts


dry autumn
curled chestnut leaves
sway in the wind
I search in vain
but find no chestnuts




Red Dragonfly

Carpe Diem Tanka Splendor #8 dragonfly


pearls of dew
glisten in the sunlight
caught in a web
red dragonfly hovers
poised for a drink


spindly reeds sway
above the silent fish
whispering secrets
red dragonfly lingers
pretending not to listen

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