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January 2020


Carpe Diem #1804 New Beginnings … candlelight

Candlelight -Fusion-ku


a new year
rising from wild seas
a few stars

the glass with candlelight

© Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)


beyond wild seas
champagne colored stars rising
filling the new year

beyond wild seas
searching for your vessel
disquieted heart

champagne colored stars rising
shinning upon the waves
bringing light and hope

filling the new year
with songs and prayers of joy
as you approach


Carpe Diem #1803 New Beginnings … snowdrops

new patch of snowdrops
rushing to pick springs first blooms
barefoot on fresh snow
sparse strip of green grass
dotted with white gravel


\Carpe Diem #1802 New Beginnings … without beginning

Without Beginning -ēnso

day after day
waves break upon the rock
as first light spreads

single enos
found in the empty circle
all I didn’t know

before you nothing
your love all encompassing
forever one


without a clue
naked and mysterious
enos paining

meanings ebb and flow
in the beholder’s eyes

First Cry

Carpe Diem #1801 New Beginnings … first cry

halfway through winter
first cry of migrating geese
pierces the sky


mother’s passing
heartbreaks first cry
soaking the pillow

First Falling Leaf

Carpe Diem #1800 New Beginnings … first leaf falling

changing seasons
sky turning crimson
first leaf lets go



Fusion Ku and Troiku – A Huge Wave

Carpe Diem #1799 New Beginnings … a huge wave (Crossroads feature)

a huge wave
thundering across the beach
my birthday

the new-born comes wrapped
in previous lives .                   Jane Reichhold 


sky – clad dreams
thundering wave crashes
wrapped in memories


sky – clad dreams
fill the air with excitement
newborns first cry

thundering wave crashes
emotions run rampant
new parents

wrapped in memories
grandparents kindly smile
treasure-trove of love


Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #112 Transformation … sketching from life (Shiki’s Shasei technique)

kaboocha yori nasu muzukashiki shasei kana

Sketching from life —
\eggplants are harder to do
than pumpkins.             © Masaoka Shiki (Tr. Burton Watson)

in the hot afternoon sun
fruits wither before capturing

First Snow

Carpe Diem #1797 New Beginnings … First Snow


mid January
we have yet to see
the first snow


children rejoice
house bubbles with laughter
first snow flurries

In Deep Prayer

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #111 Troiku … New Beginnings … Lotus starts to bloom

in deep prayer
eyes closed in devotion –
Lotus starts to bloom



in deep prayer
grandmother chants
a favorite verse

eyes closed in devotion
she slowly nods
mother smiles faintly

lotus starts to bloom
whistling kettle, sweet aroma
draw her back again

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