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December 2015

Seven Days Before Christmas: Day 7 Don’t Be Afraid

Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #7 don’t be afraid (meditation)


True peace may begin with a single act from a single individual.  Each of us has that capacity to show true compassion, if we are afraid to act and only talk, aren’t we just a noisy gong.

peace among nations
may start with a single act
of compassion

I have to say I was stunned at the Christmas eve service when the people behind me were whispering about how it was a shame ____ was sitting by herself.  I looked back and did not recognize the woman.  I waited for the other ladies to do something. That was all that their compassion allowed.  I quietly got up walked to the back of the church and sat down next to her.  I only whispered.” I thought you might like someone to sit with.”  There was a hint of a smile briefly on her face.

on a cold night
a strange lent his stable
for a humble birth

 I do not say this to thump myself on the back or to admonish others.  I do not tell you this to say that I am more spiritual. What I want you to be aware of is how often we have missed opportunities to show a bit of love and human compassion. If we recognize a need and do nothing about it aren’t we to beheld accountable.  If we can’t show a bit of compassion within our own community how do we expect others to tolerate of our religion.

True peace is not just a lovely sentiment on a greeting card, it is not a pristine surrounding.  For true peace to spread we must step out of out comfort zones, get a little dirty, show others they are important and that we care.  We must hug the dirty children, listen to the lonely, and share a bit of ourselves.

on a long ago eve
a savior came to save the world
with love


on a moonlit night
beauty overwhelms the nations
hope lifted

On Our Way Home

Carpe Diem #884 on our way home: the scent of early rice, the tomb also shakes, autumn coolness, red more red, a lovely name, how pitiful
On our way home from our miniChristmas vacation, we discussed the Flying Squirrels that was in our rooms.  He was captured humanely and we let him go.  We  had thick fog and beautiful cloudscapes to view as we came around each bend in the road.  The car was full of the delicious smells of all the holiday baking we did on our trip.


large eyes starring
a flying squirrel now trapped
refuses a treat




with each mountain curve
we are greeted with thick fog
and the scent of chocolate





This has been a year with many personal losses. Last November we unexpectedly lost a good family friend and then  I found out that my best friend had developed yet another form of cancer.  The first week in February I lost  both of my hospice  clients with whom we had a lot of family connections. The greatest losses were of my best friend in the summer and the loss of my father-in-law in October.  Yet it also been a year filled with many  joys.  Through hospice I have reconnected with a dear friend as I have the blessing  of working with her mother every week. We have also taken many trips and had the joy of time with our grandchildren.  …And in February, I shall have a new granddaughter.


after the funeral
we stand around shaking
in the piercing wind




in autumn’s glow
great losses mingled
with quiet joys



Christmas Eve
on the memorial bench
a puddle of rain






 my winter garden
ripened moonflower pods
next to the landscape rock
hopes of a Christmas Rose





Seven Days Before Christmas :Day 6 Mistletoe

Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #6 mistletoe


under the mistletoe
with each kiss
a berry plucked
the fun must stop
when the last one is gone

Seven Days Before Christmas: Day 5 Peace

Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #5 Peace



among nations
our greatest need




peace  on earth
the greatest gift
of all time

Seven Days Before Christmas: Day 4 Presents

Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #4 presents

Each of my children, at some point made homemade gifts for others. My oldest made year dolls for his five year old girl friend, my middle child made dream catchers, my youngest stitched gingerbread men from felt. No matter how crude each gifted filled the giver with pride. The first Christmas my son and his wife spent at our house, the entire living room was a mess with scraps and yarn as they made homemade ornaments for my tree and theirs.DSC_0158

homemade presents
hastily wrapped with a bow
beaming child


One of the best presents I have received were handmade cards from my youngest daughter. She heard me telling her older brothers that all wanted for Christmas was three cards, one from each of my children. The next day I found three cards, all drawn by my four year old tucked into the tree. The three requirement met, she did not want any others added.

under the tree

three handmade presents

all from the same child


Beneath the Stars

Carpe Diem #882 beneath the stars of the deep north: low tide crossing, July



pine needles quiver
in orange glow of sunrise
venus still shines


the night air hot
late in October –
a wren still chirps

Silk Tree

Carpe Diem #881 following Basho into the deep north: Mount Atsumi; a hot day’s sun; Kisagata silk tree




mimosa blossoms
quiver in the breeze
of hummingbird wings

Seven Days to Christmas: Day 3 Decorations

Carpe Diem’s Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #3 decorations 


Seven Days to Christmas

Day 3: Decorations

old decorations
memories and stories passed down
to new generation

Seven Days to Christmas: Day 2 Silent Night

Carpe Diem’s Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #2 Silent Night

scan0011Seven Days To  Christmas

Day 2 – Silent Night

a young girl
in the still of the night
gives birth

in a manger
a baby lay in fresh straw
oh, silent night

on a cold night
shepherds bow in silence
to newborn king

silent night
the stars shine in chorus
peace on earth

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