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March 2015

Tan Renga Challenge Shoha’s “out from the grass”

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #78, Shoha’s “out from the grass”


at the wagon’s approach,
out from the grass
                                                  flies the butterfly           © Shoha (Tr. R.H.Blyth)

a myriad of grasshoppers
following in her wake

Photo credit: Bain News Service


Carpe Diem #696 Nudity

on a humid night
we lie naked holding hands
in front of the fan


peeling an orange
on a moon drenched night
naked I feed you


in the still of night
wearing only moonlight
I come to you


Carpe Diem #696 nudity


bare bottomed child
runs happily through garden
Mom in hot pursuit

(so as not to cause embarrassment, was not this child – but a neighbors child almost 30 years ago)


Carpe Diem # 694 Fashionista


dressed to play ball
my little fashionista
in a league of her own


the little diva
playing to a different beat
making her own rules


Carpe Diem #694 Experience

Didn’t have a picture for this one  – but this seemed to fit.  Found it on line.
Credit: picture from BBC taken by Liz Lewis


on a snowy day
resting on a park bench
your hand slips in mine

Spring Rain – Whiskey Cough

Carpe Diem writing Technique #12   (WabiSabi)


spring rain
washing away the snow
thunder rumbles


under the street light
old man with a whiskey cough
smokes another cigarette


Carpe Diem #693 Chess

haigachesshot foggy night
on tennis court playing chess
pieces half our size

I photographed this game the next morning.  I actually only sacrificed two  pawns and no other pieces were taken  for this checkmate.

Santoka Taneda’s “Soaking Wet”

Carpe Diem Special #138 Santoka Taneda’s “Soaking Wet”


in the morning fog
spider’s web soaking wet
dressed in dewdrop gems

Poetry Challenge Results Poem by Jen from Blog It or Lose It

Splintered Thorn Haigi
by Jen from Blog it or Lose it


splintered thorn –
even the rose must bow
to winter

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