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Carpe Diem Special

Echo of the Loon

Carpe Diem Special #217 Dolores’ 1st paintbrush flowers (tanka)

Okay, so I’ll admit it’s kind of awkward to write a poem in response to your own poem. I was glad Chèvrefeuille, our host included the music inspiration that the first poem was written from.   I think, I like this tanka better.  Hope that you find the poems for this month’s specials inspirational.


echo of the loon
across the lake
sadness reflected
twilight kisses the edge
of summer’s last sunset





Carpe Diem Special #214 Mandarin Duck by Buson

mandarin duck –
rain falls silently
from an oak                           © Yosa Buson (1716-1783)


high in a tree
silently ruffling feathers
a muscovy duck


early  morning
a flush of muscovy
hiss and croak


Carpe Diem #978 Greece

Greece’s spine
dividing the country
Pindus Mountain range


chain of island
dotting the Ionian Sea
winter home for birds


above the plains of Thessaly
Mount Olympus


All Free Photos

blue and white
churches of Ola village
echo the sea


Ripples in the Lake

Carpe Diem Special #209 “ripple in the lake” by Joyce Lorensonp


ripples –
the evening sky’s
reflection broken


Carpe Diem Special #207 Sara McNulty’s third “taste of nature”



emerging from ground
a bumble bee brushes my hand
in search of nectar


Carpe Diem Special #203 Basho’s disciples: Mukai Kyorai’s “Master of Persimmons”


those fallen persimmons
bees and flies enjoy sweet nectar
– alas I must wait





Against the Blue

Carpe Diem Special #200 Basho’s disciples: Ransetsu’s “against the blue”

The following are some poems by Ransetsu. The first is where the post got it’s title and the rest some of his work that I enjoyed.

At dusk the harvest moon
paints a pine-tree
against the blue


The pampas grass
sums up all the loneliness
of all Saga


a single leaf falls
then suddenly another
is stolen by the breeze


Ume ichi-rin ichirin hodo no atatakasa

one plum blossom
brings us just one more
step to the warmth

Hattori Ransetsu (1654-1707)


My attempt at capturing his spirit.

one daffodil
and suddenly
a field of spring


early march
a few fat snowflakes
and the sparrow’s tale tales


 amongst damp leaves
the wealth of summer
still hidden


against the blue
the red roses
ever redder

Full Snow Moon

Carpe Diem Special #195 Hamish Managua Gunn’s first “full snow moon

the full snow moon
bone marrow soup
and howling wolves


first snow moon
glistens on icy branches
calls me from my sleep

Revise that Haiku

Carpe Diem Special #193 Revise That Haiku … a trip along memory lane

Daibutsu no katahada no yuki toki ni keri

the snow has melted
on one shoulder
of the Great Buddha

© Shiki


snow has melted
on only one side
of the bird feeder


Lichen and moss bloom
on the sun worn side
of  the wooden cross

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