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Morning Awakenings

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary: #1854 morning awakenings

morning awakenings:
among window curtains’ flower
a blade of gray sky

© Alexey Andreyev

another day ends
reaching for the stars and the moon
into the dreamworld

© Chèvrefeuille


task to create a “crossroads” haiku.

stars and the moon
merge into dream world flowers
morning sky seems gray

Sparkling Dew

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary: #1853 Sparkling Dew (Tan Renga)

morning sun
the twinkle of stars
still in the dew 

© Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)

morning sun
the twinkle of stars
still in the dew                     © Jane Reichhold
my grandson pours the contents
from one leaf to another.       © Dolores Fegan


Carpe Diem’s Sunday Time Challenge #1: Pebbles

fallen bird seed
among the fresh laid pebbles
sunflowers sprout

#1850 Dried Grass

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary: #1850 dried grass

tabi ni yande yume wa kareno wo kake meguru

falling sick on a journey
my dream goes wandering
over a field of dried grass

© Basho (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)


Pandemic lockdown
hospice patients pass
without witness

Autumn walk
decapitated mushrooms
line the path


Unending rain
Black spot and root rot
Embrace the garden


Autumn cold
my thoughts swimming
in lemon tea


Changing seasons
another leave released
to the wind


autumn tears
an oak tree drowns
in a mushroom cap


Pandemic scare
my dreams mired
in stagnant pool


Autumn prayers
a monarch Butterfly lands
on my outstretched hand

Hoarfrost -Troiku

fragile beauty
cranberries covered with sugar
first hoarfrost                  © Chèvrefeuille

fragile beauty
windows glazed over
crystal frost feather

cranberries covered with sugar
garnish rich cake tops
abet temptation 

first hoarfrost
crying kitten wakes household
to winter wonderland


Image by jggrz from Pixabay 

early frost
garden flowers decked out
glistening crystals

Etheree for Milford’s Pond #Tanka Tuesday # PhotoPrompt


into two
at water’s edge
autumn’s reflection
bleeds into the water
stirring distant memories
blending them gently together
transcending a multitude of years
anchored only by a pair of white swans


Image credit; Adrien King @ Unsplash

Time trickles slowly
through my fingers.
The stars in their eternal orbits
shifting with the seasons.
My mind stretched
between the past and the future.
I want to move forward
without loosing all
that I’ve held precious,
without letting go
of old dreams, or you.
And so, I stand at the precipice
drowning in the weight
of what was or could have been.
Teetering back and forth
trying to let go,
trying to reach the stars ✨
to ignite new hopes.
I just need one little push.

What do you see # 51 – 12 October’20

Caught by the Call

Carpe Diem Celebrates Its 8th Anniversary October 2020: #1835 caught by the call (Hando)

We were to create a poem in the sense and spirit of this poem by Hando

caught by the call
of the flowers and mountain, I forget
how steep the path is

© Hando


compelled by the moon
we walk creating warmth
your hand in my hand


kitten pouncing
at the candlelight shadows
we forget the storm

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