Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #4 presents

Each of my children, at some point made homemade gifts for others. My oldest made year dolls for his five year old girl friend, my middle child made dream catchers, my youngest stitched gingerbread men from felt. No matter how crude each gifted filled the giver with pride. The first Christmas my son and his wife spent at our house, the entire living room was a mess with scraps and yarn as they made homemade ornaments for my tree and theirs.DSC_0158

homemade presents
hastily wrapped with a bow
beaming child


One of the best presents I have received were handmade cards from my youngest daughter. She heard me telling her older brothers that all wanted for Christmas was three cards, one from each of my children. The next day I found three cards, all drawn by my four year old tucked into the tree. The three requirement met, she did not want any others added.

under the tree

three handmade presents

all from the same child