Day 27 Gratefulness — Haibun Journey View from my Window

Outside my window I am surprised to see the trees look like someone dusted cookies with powdered sugar. Thinking of surprises I smile, it surprised me to find my husband laughing to himself at dinner the other night. He is always so reserve. I ask what was so funny and he replies nothing. I have to coax him into telling. He says “So we’re going to Ann’s for Thanksgiving.” I affirm this and he replies, “Then everyone hold on to your shoes.” We all laugh and laugh.

You must know the back story on this: My sister always requires everyone to leave their shoes at the door. Since her would floors are freezing we bring our slippers. When we were leaving my husband couldn’t find his shoes. My dad had put on his shoes and gone home. The ones left were too small, so my husband went home in his bedroom slippers, plus wore them in the store we had planned to stop at.

I called my dad the next day. I said, “ Dad, did you notice anything strange about your shoes? He said, “No” “Well now that I think of it they seem a bit loose.” Try 2 sizes. Now we always warn people that my dad never goes shoe shopping, he just browses among his son-in-laws shoes and chooses what he likes.

Although the sky is grey, I am filed with a wave of thankfulness. I think of how luck we are to have family to be with despite all our quirks. Spend time with family, annoyances and all, so you have plenty of memories to get you though the times when you don’t feel grateful.

I am grateful for friends, family, freedom and food. Happy Thanksgiving!

dusting of snow
adding beauty
as time to memories