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Winter Storm

Carpe Diem #1592 Storm

winter ice storm
power lines  snap with weight
we sit in darkness


winter winds howl
windows rattle sharply
our nerves shaken


wet snowflakes  gather
piling up on the streets
wonderland of white

Quilt (Futon)

Carpe Diem #1591 quilt (futon)

winter cold
you wrapped in my half of quilt
yours on floor




frosty evening
curling under an unfinished quilt
hand stitching binding

Fuyukasumi (or Winter Mist)

Carpe Diem #1575 Fuyukasumi (Winter Mist)


winter mist settles
weighting the new year
with a touch of blues


winter mist rises
shadowy figures emerge
creating a forest




Winter Dawn

Carpe Diem #1576 Dawn


winter dawn
a touch of color
steals my breath


snowy dawn
painting the way
our forgotten bench

snow covered pines
kissed with morning light
silence  of the birds

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