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Winter Kigo

Hawk (Taka)

 Carpe Diem #1595 hawk (taka) 

perched along highway
red tailed hawk eyes movement
honing in on prey



winter afternoon
from window watching hawk
feathers ruffle

Flowers Out of Season

Carpe Diem #1593 flowers out of season (kaeribana)

winter skies
soft waves of pink in garden
lenten roses


frozen mud
from out of the depths

Bean Soup

Carpe Diem #1590 bean soup

winter weather
simmering on stove
pot of bean soup


diced onions and beans
creating a masterpiece
with nothing


sausage and rice
bulking up leftover soup
for one more meal

Icicles (Tsurara)

Carpe Diem #1585 icicles (tsurara)

drip, drip, drip
icicles on eves
creating puddles

Icicles Winter Snow Nature Beautiful Frost Ice

sprouting icicles
stretching toward the azure sky
patch of meadow weeds


encased pine branches
glisten in afternoon light
plunk of water drop

Winter Seclusion

Carpe Diem #1583 winter seclusion (fuyugomori)

toasting marshmallows
on woodturning stove


winter seclusion
drawing pictures over pictures
on the windowpanes



Carpe Diem #1580 moonlight (modern kigo, extracted from “A Dictionary of Haiku”)

winter moon’s pale light
my dreams pierced with coldness
I walk alone

winter moon’s pale light
encompasses the maple
in silvery gown

my dreams pierced with coldness
shadowy figures roam
passing through me

I walk alone
unable to make contact
with the past




Carpe Diem #1579 bonfire (takibi)

Picture Credit

fading sunset
scent of woodsmoke
scents the air




frosty evening
sledding down the hull
wind whipping
someone throws an old tire
in the bonfire



Winter Dawn

Carpe Diem #1576 Dawn


winter dawn
a touch of color
steals my breath


snowy dawn
painting the way
our forgotten bench

snow covered pines
kissed with morning light
silence  of the birds

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