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Return of Carpe Diem Haiku Kia

Hopefully this is the return of regular postings at Carpe Diem. Playing catch up since I was not aware Kristjaan was posting again.


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1857: a meditation.

stormy weather
with the dawn a fallen oak
cry of a new grandchild


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Weekend Meditation #100: waves of love

sleepless night
dark shadows mock the moon
shivering with cold

suddenly warm arms reach out
waves of love enfolding me


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #1856: Restarting?

smoldering rubble
all the crazies
spread conspiracies

Into the Night

into the night
space to breathe
moonless night M hill

jasmine wraps the evening air
stars dancing as we hold hands Dolores

Renga With … waiting for the full moon

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #116 Renga With … waiting for the full moon

in nooks and corners
cold remains:
flowers of the plum                          © Buson

spring breeze toys with my jacket
gilling the folds with winter

a dandelion
now and then interrupting
the butterfly’s dream                        © Chiyo-Ni

meadow grasses gently sway
on the edges of my dreams

the thunderstorm having cleared up
the evening sun shines on a tree
where a cicada is chirping               © Shiki

the laziness of summer
encompassing the last light

ancient warriors ghosts
mists over the foreign highlands –
waiting for the full moon                © Chèvrefeuille

this midsummer’s night I too
await the goddess

the autumn wind:
thickets and fields also,
Fuha Barrier                                      © Basho

leaves swirl in the shallow waters
bumping the rock of Fuha

simply trust:
do not also the petals flutter down,
just like that                                      © Issa

Autumn’s colorful dance
will give way to a new spring


Carpe Diem #1603 Tan Renga Challenge Month 2019 (7) phoenix

tendrils of love spread
through poetry                            © Dolores

yellowed pages crumble
words of passed love see daylight

Weight of a Butterfly

Carpe Diem #1601 Tan Renga Challenge Month 2019 (5) the weight of a butterfly


floating away, despite
the butterfly’s weight on it             © Chiyo-Ni (Tr. Ueda)

spinning through a riffle
sprinkling delicate wings


Cold Wintery Wind

Carpe Diem #1600 Tan Renga Challenge Month 2019 (4) cold wintry wind

Photo by Fernando Garcia


the cold wintry wind
is blowing so hard that
the sun sinks into the ocean                © Soseki

shivering in the darkness
your arm supporting me


Carpe Diem #1529 Together … (Tan Renga Challenge)

moonflowersimg_1261hitotsuya ni yuujo mo netari hagi to tsuki

courtesan and monk,
sleeping  under one roof together,
moon in a field of clover

                                                                                   © Basho (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

heady perfumes fill the air
night garden epicenter of activity

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