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The Flute Weeps

\Carpe Diem #1390 The Flute Weeps


whispered notes
across empty wine bottles
tequila rag

Saladin’s Begging Bowl

Carpe Diem #1389 Begging Bowl

Of these two thousand “I” and “We” people,
which am I?

Don’t try to keep me from asking!
Listen, when I’m this out of control!
But don’t put anything breakable in my way!

There is an original inside me.
What’s here is a mirror for that, for you.

If you are joyful, I am.
If you grieve, or if you’re bitter, or graceful,
I take on those qualities.

Like the shadow of a cypress tree in the meadow,
like the shadow of a rose, I live
close to the rose.

If I separated myself from you,
I would turn entirely thorn.

Every second, I drink another cup of my own blood-wine.
Every instant, I break an empty cup against your door.

I reach out, wanting you to tear me open.

Saladin’s generosity lights a candle in my chest.
Who am I then?

His empty begging bowl.

© Rumi (Tr. Coleman Barks)


my parents house
no longer a hub of laughter
just an empty shell


dusty road
street urchin’s empty hand

Community of Spirit

Carpe Diem #1388 The Community Of The Spirit

A Community Of The Spirit:
There is a community of the spirit.
Join it, and feel the delight
of walking in the noisy street,
and being the noise.
Drink all your passion,
and be a disgrace.
Close both eyes
to see with the other eye.
Open your hands,
if you want to be held.
Sit down in this circle.
Quit acting like a wolf, and feel
the shepherd’s love filling you.
At night, your beloved wanders.
Don’t accept consolations.
Close your mouth against food.
Taste the lover’s mouth in yours.
You moan, “She left me.” “He left me.”
Twenty more will come.
Be empty of worrying.
Think of who created thought!
Why do you stay in prison
when the door is so wide open?
Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
Live in silence.
Flow down and down in Always
widening rings of being.

my soul’s prison
hemmed in with worry
afraid of street music


opening blooms
drinking in life’s water
joy and delight

The Breeze at Dawn

Carpe Diem #1387 The Breeze at Dawn

The Breeze at Dawn:

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.

© Rumi


dawn touches the window sill
breeze flutters my hair


Carpe Diem #1386 Silence …

Two Days of Silence
After days of feasting, fast.
After days of sleeping, stay awake
one night. After these times of bitter
storytelling, joking, and serious
considerations, we should give ourselves
two days between layers of baklava
in the quiet seclusion where soul sweetens
and thrives more than with language.

© Rumi (taken from The Book of Love)

garden silence
my hands tend the ground
listening for spring


among the flowers
quiet song of life
my soul uplifted

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