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Renga With … waiting for the full moon

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #116 Renga With … waiting for the full moon

in nooks and corners
cold remains:
flowers of the plum                          © Buson

spring breeze toys with my jacket
gilling the folds with winter

a dandelion
now and then interrupting
the butterfly’s dream                        © Chiyo-Ni

meadow grasses gently sway
on the edges of my dreams

the thunderstorm having cleared up
the evening sun shines on a tree
where a cicada is chirping               © Shiki

the laziness of summer
encompassing the last light

ancient warriors ghosts
mists over the foreign highlands –
waiting for the full moon                © Chèvrefeuille

this midsummer’s night I too
await the goddess

the autumn wind:
thickets and fields also,
Fuha Barrier                                      © Basho

leaves swirl in the shallow waters
bumping the rock of Fuha

simply trust:
do not also the petals flutter down,
just like that                                      © Issa

Autumn’s colorful dance
will give way to a new spring

Seven Days to Christmas: Day 2 Silent Night

Carpe Diem’s Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #2 Silent Night

scan0011Seven Days To  Christmas

Day 2 – Silent Night

a young girl
in the still of the night
gives birth

in a manger
a baby lay in fresh straw
oh, silent night

on a cold night
shepherds bow in silence
to newborn king

silent night
the stars shine in chorus
peace on earth

Maiden’s Kiss


in a stable harsh
a new born king is stilled
by a maiden’s kiss

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