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Carpe Diem #967 Belgium

Not knowing much about Belgium  except that it has lots of castles and gardens,  I decided to find out about the castle of Logne.   It is located on one hectare  at the summit of an abrupt cliff that overlooks the Ourthe and Lembrée Valleys.   The narrow cliff is 60 meteres high.  This fortified castle along the Ourthe River, has long been a natural refuge for in habitants of the area.  It has been used since prehistoric times.  The ruins  are filled with vestiges and subterranean passages.

The castle of Longe was closed in the 1500’s and the stones were pillaged. Then in the late 1800’s it was rediscovered and for over 100 years it has been in restoration.

See more about this castle here

Picture Credit


high above our heads
along the Ourthe River
ruins of castle Longe

Ocean Sunrise

for Heeding Haiku December Haibun in 75 words.


Early morning  I walk barefoot down the still dark beach, the ocean lapping at my feet.  I head toward the peer, stopping occasionally to pick up a shell or two. The sun begins rise and I hurry along. I walk under the piling,  wading deeper in the water.  As I come out from under the peer the dawn greets me.

fiery sunrise
amber light stretching
over the ocean

Today is my Birthday — Paul Signac

Today is my Birthday — Paul Signac

Paul Signac was born November 11, 1863. He was a french painter who was famous for his pointillism style. He began his artistic career at the age of 23, after being inspired by the work of Monet. He was greatly influenced by Seurat’s work, and he and Seurat became great friends. I love the soft muted colors of his work, it feels like being in a dream.

along the shore
under a cotton candy sky
I dream of you

Silver Creek

Carpe Diem #833 Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival

Credit: Sekkun
Credit: Sekkun

My memories cannot compete with the beauty of the ice festival at Lake Shikotsu. The Japanese really know how to do it up right.  It takes two months for them to create all of the ice sculptures.


below frozen falls
ice dotted with colors
of winter garments


Silver Creek – author is goofy one in red coat and flowered pants


Carpe Diem #809 Andromeda

in the heat of night
under Andromeda skies
we dream of love


In about four billion years it is predicted that the Milky Way 
and the Andromeda galaxy will collide.  Since we probably won’t be around it doesn’t matter much, but I found it interesting.  The picture below shows what this might look like.  The last picture is over 7 billion years time.


The Andromeda galaxy can be located by finding Cassiopeia – the large w in the sky. Then follow the point of the deeper v to the Andromeda Galaxy. It should be visible with binoculars or if away from light pollution with the naked eye.

Even now
Cassiopeia points to
her daughter’s beauty

Lake Victoria

Carpe Diem #806 Lake Victoria

As we continue to the source of the Nile we visit the beautiful Lake Victoria.  Unfortunately man has introduced non native -fish and water hyacinth that are causing lots of problems.  Raw sewage spews in to the lake from various countries and I’m sure industrial wast is dumped as well.  Their use to be over 300 different kinds of  cichlids in the lake that were endemic to this lake.  Most are now gone.

The health of this lake is important to so many who live of the land and waters around this lake.  Action needs to be taken to save this glorious lake before it is too late.

Lake Victoria
ecological wonder

gathering rain
lifeblood of the nile
being ravaged by man

Nubian Pyramids Meroë

Carpe Diem #799 Nubian pyramids Meroë

I found reading the history of the Nubians quite interesting.  They seem to have had high esteem for their female queens and gave then status equal to their kings.   Have  any of you heard of the great warrior queen of Nubia, Amanishakheto? She led her people with a strong arm, and built pyramids in Meroë.  Unfortunately in 1832 her pyramid/tomb was leveled to the ground by an Italian treasure hunter, Giuseppe Ferlini.

ancient Kushite rulers
constructing tombs for kings and queens
in Egyptian style


Nubian rulers
decked out in Egyptian style
hidden beneath the sand


behind granite lions
hidden amongst the shadows
secrets of the past
as stones unearthed gradual
answers to Nubian puzzles

Longer documentary on Nubia

Lake Nasser

Carpe Diem #797 Lake Nasser



Because of the Aswan High Dam which formed Lake Nasser, the ancient sites of the tombs and temples at Philae and Abu Simbel were under the threat of flooding.  Both of these sites were moved to safer places.

tombs of the pharaohs
paintings damaged by flooding
from the captured Nile
ancient monuments dismantled
reassembled on higher grounds


dry burial sites
wet with tears of the nile
who will be cursed


Tokubetsudesu #50 one-bun – Eagle Nebula

Tokubetsudesu #50 one-bun

Eagle Nebula

cosmic cloud of dust, helium and other gases spanning light years.

pillars of creation incubating new stars


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