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Carpe Diem

Choka – Wedding Bells

Carpe Diem #1809 Wedding Bells
The choka can be almost any length, because its form depends on alternating phrases (or lines) containing either seven of five sound units (onji). The end of the poem is signaled by two lines of seven sounds. So the form is five/seven, five/seven, five seven, …. , seven/seven.   it is then followed by a tanka like envoy. This was a popular form of  Japanese poetry in the 9th century.

hands folded in prayer
eyes closed as if still sleeping
we each kiss your cheek
one hundred years old
mourned by all you touched
a life time of love
scattered over the seasons
nurturing many
friendships bathed in sunlight
blossoming through your kindness

the death bell tolls out
but is it for the mourning
or a wedding tune
this death day your reunion
your marriage in heaven

Dodoitsu & Acrostic Love Challenge

Carpe Diem #1808 LOVE acrostic challenge

Dodoitsu is a form of Japanese poetry developed towards the end of the Edo Period. Often concerning love or work, and usually comical, Dodoitsu poems consist of four lines with the syllabic structure 7-7-7-5 and no rhyme or metre.

An example of a Dodoitsu:

One Night
one night I searched for a star
what I found was a full moon
now my every day is
full of shooting stars

© Ben Gieske (2012)


Lavender scented candles
Oboe quietly trilling
Valentines waiting for exchange
Eating chocolate

Late night stroll, holding hands
Ordinary stars shine bright
Venus perched above our house
Enchanted evening

Happily waiting for you
Opening arms and heart wide
Me and you for an evening
Eternal love shade by two

Unconditional Love

Carpe Diem #1805 Introducing our new Theme … Love month

 Unconditional love is a rare thing and so beautiful.  As a former teacher of special need children and as a hospice volunteer, I have gotten to see this in a parents love for a child, and in children caring for parents or spouses for their loved one with Alzheimers.


lost within
despite feeble hands and body
my love will sustain


Carpe Diem #1804 New Beginnings … candlelight

Candlelight -Fusion-ku


a new year
rising from wild seas
a few stars

the glass with candlelight

© Jane Reichhold (1937-2016)


beyond wild seas
champagne colored stars rising
filling the new year

beyond wild seas
searching for your vessel
disquieted heart

champagne colored stars rising
shinning upon the waves
bringing light and hope

filling the new year
with songs and prayers of joy
as you approach


Carpe Diem #1803 New Beginnings … snowdrops

new patch of snowdrops
rushing to pick springs first blooms
barefoot on fresh snow
sparse strip of green grass
dotted with white gravel


\Carpe Diem #1802 New Beginnings … without beginning

Without Beginning -ēnso

day after day
waves break upon the rock
as first light spreads

single enos
found in the empty circle
all I didn’t know

before you nothing
your love all encompassing
forever one


without a clue
naked and mysterious
enos paining

meanings ebb and flow
in the beholder’s eyes

First Cry

Carpe Diem #1801 New Beginnings … first cry

halfway through winter
first cry of migrating geese
pierces the sky


mother’s passing
heartbreaks first cry
soaking the pillow

First Falling Leaf

Carpe Diem #1800 New Beginnings … first leaf falling

changing seasons
sky turning crimson
first leaf lets go



Fusion Ku and Troiku – A Huge Wave

Carpe Diem #1799 New Beginnings … a huge wave (Crossroads feature)

a huge wave
thundering across the beach
my birthday

the new-born comes wrapped
in previous lives .                   Jane Reichhold 


sky – clad dreams
thundering wave crashes
wrapped in memories


sky – clad dreams
fill the air with excitement
newborns first cry

thundering wave crashes
emotions run rampant
new parents

wrapped in memories
grandparents kindly smile
treasure-trove of love

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