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Fleeting Autumn

Carpe Diem #1556 fleeting autumn (yuku aki) ..

fleeting autumn
bare trees draped in fog
wind moans

fleeing autumn
wet mat of decaying leaves
covered in powdery snow

bare trees draped in fog
conjuring forgotten spirits
in the moonlight

wind moans
its icy voice draining
last of autumn color


Haunted House

Carpe Diem #1554 Haunted Houses (modern kigo)


As a child I would lie awake at night watching the closet, afraid something would emerge from the giant inside.  By day just hole in the wall  filled with a previous owner’s discarded magazines became a portal to some netherworld .Too paralyzed to get up and close the forgotten door for protection,  I’d implore my sister to no avail. Long hours were spent next to my snoozing sibling listening to the night sounds,  terrified with each hoot of an owl, creak of the floor, tap of a branch.  Yes, as the first hints of light formed outside,  the tree transformer to an evil witch pointing her long snarled finger at me, scraping the glass.  Finally as the last shadows of night were discarded, and villains became ordinary objects, I would dose.

moaning autumn wind
branches claw at the window
my haunted bedroom

Autumn Colors Along the Highway

Carpe Diem #1552 autumn colors along the highway (CD Imagination)

Inspirational Photo


traveling again
flames of autumn kissing
the highway


one more overlook
autumn scenery
beginning to blur


Carpe Diem #1548 orchids (ran) (classical kigo)


edge of battlefield
samurai dismounts
to pluck an orchid

Autumn Lamplight

Carpe Diem #1544 autumn lamplight (aki no hi)

by Igor Logvin Expression
by Igor Logvin Expression

fog and raindrops
hang from the maple tree
wrapped in soft glow


frost filled night
fog and lamp light
draw me out


Carpe Diem #1540 chrysanthemums

November celebration
festival of happiness


replanted garden 
marigolds spilling over
last garden flower

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