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Autumn Rains (2)

Carpe Diem Vernacular #2 autumn rains (herfstregenbuien)

in the twilight
autumn leaves rain –
catching sunlight
a gust of wind stirring
adagio of color


before the rain
three red leaves
herald autumn


after the rains
one autumn leaf waves –
signaling winter

Poetry Challenge Results Poem by Jen from Blog It or Lose It

Splintered Thorn Haigi
by Jen from Blog it or Lose it


splintered thorn –
even the rose must bow
to winter

Poetry Challenge Results Poem by Mira from They Me and You

Roses of Obsession by

Mira from They, Me and You


i left you 

they scared me into oblivion

roses of obsession

Poetry Challenge Results poem by Kristjann

haiku by Kristjann Panneman
Carpe Diem # 104 Silk


arousing my senses
the sweet coolness of silk blankets
shared with my love

silk tree blossoms
in a soothing summer rain
trembling in silence

trembling in silence
silk tree blossoms, so fragile,
in a summer breeze

Silk tree
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Challenge Results Poem by Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library

The Lady’s Draught – A Love Tale
Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library


  At the lost
summer palace a dinner was held –
invited lost lovers from heaven and hell
with trembling tears and roses of obsession
the procession began
weaving loose threads into silken tales
captured in threads of whispering tears.

The lovers looked upon the flames of waves
and the splintered thorn – all that was left
after the lost petals of the rose
with the last frozen kiss
were laid down in red silence –
just embers of the once devoted hearts.

At first the trembling tears shed,
gave no promise for a lively evening –
but the Lady of Shalott
set before each place a magic draught
soon tears were forgotten and love born again
were captured in threads of lost memory.

Only the good remained, lost were the wounds –
ill spoken words and untimely deeds faded –
left only were the sweet sentiments of love —
at the lost summer palace
merriment reigned and sweet kisses flowed
’til today that dinner is still being served.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Poetry Challenge Results

First I want to thank those of you who participated in my challenge.  So I’m guessing the automated voting did not function right and I was unable to get results for my poetry challenge.   Because of low participation I will simply include all four poems featured on their own page and in my twitter feed as a thank you to those sent poems.


Here is the word list to work from:

trembling tears
captured in threads
devoted kiss
weeping death
the red silence
silken tales
roses of obsession
whispering tears
flames of waves
splintered thorn
lost petals
frozen kiss
weeping in the sky
loose threads

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