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Winter Kigo


Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #112 Transformation … sketching from life (Shiki’s Shasei technique)

kaboocha yori nasu muzukashiki shasei kana

Sketching from life —
\eggplants are harder to do
than pumpkins.             © Masaoka Shiki (Tr. Burton Watson)

in the hot afternoon sun
fruits wither before capturing

Hawk (Taka)

 Carpe Diem #1595 hawk (taka) 

perched along highway
red tailed hawk eyes movement
honing in on prey



winter afternoon
from window watching hawk
feathers ruffle

Flowers Out of Season

Carpe Diem #1593 flowers out of season (kaeribana)

winter skies
soft waves of pink in garden
lenten roses


frozen mud
from out of the depths

Winter Storm

Carpe Diem #1592 Storm

winter ice storm
power lines  snap with weight
we sit in darkness


winter winds howl
windows rattle sharply
our nerves shaken


wet snowflakes  gather
piling up on the streets
wonderland of white

Quilt (Futon)

Carpe Diem #1591 quilt (futon)

winter cold
you wrapped in my half of quilt
yours on floor




frosty evening
curling under an unfinished quilt
hand stitching binding

Bean Soup

Carpe Diem #1590 bean soup

winter weather
simmering on stove
pot of bean soup


diced onions and beans
creating a masterpiece
with nothing


sausage and rice
bulking up leftover soup
for one more meal

Her Gentle Spirit

Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #68 Tan Renga With Jane Reichhold “her gentle spirit”

Haiku © Jane Reichhold

the hour silent
before the birds awake
waves on sand

sunrise peaks above the horizon
warm water laps at my feet

flat seas
with the butterfly’s flight
a certain calm

in the heat of the day
finding rest under a tree

a certain calm
n summer’s passing

yellow leaf  drifts from a branch
a taste of autumn wind

Buson’s Memorial Day

Carpe Diem #1587 Buson’s Memorial Day (busonki) (January 17th)

someone goes by wearing a hood
in his own darkness
not seeing the harvest moon

the first light snow
then when the bowl of the sky is empty
the moon hanging in the bamboos

© Yosa Buson

early snow
harvest moon hides its face
in bamboo shadows

early snow
last of the monkshood
dusted in white

harvest moon hides its face
gourd tendrils weave through garden
searching the light

in bamboo shadows
the last of the harvesters
hurry home



Withered Leaves

Carpe Diem #1586 withered leaves

David Goehring

in the maple
withered leaf curls, blanketed
against the cold

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