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New Beginnings

New Born

Carpe Diem #1794 New Beginnings … new born

first suckling
warmth of your skin
your sweet, sweet smell


darkened cage
three pair of eyes stare back
unexpected guineas

First Day of Spring

Carpe Diem #1793 New Beginnings … first day of spring

first day of spring
iris shoots covered in frost
stinkbug on the screen

amber sunrise
walking stick sprouts a new leaf
ushering spring


from beneath the snow
golden crocus erupt
spring’s first song

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day


the town clock strikes
a quick peck on the cheek
and back to your book


clear night air
stars seen through the ages
mark another year


dandelion leaves
deer forage far from home
New Years Day


amber light
bathes the winter garden
first sunrise

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