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Carpe Diem Time Machine

Carpe Diem Time Machine #15 Jade

Carpe Diem Time Machine #15 Jade


at the foot
of the jade Buddha
a bowl of rice


her eyes
piercing my memory
with their jade stare


colored elephant
glistens in the moonlight
where it fell



Carpe Diem Time Machine #12 Botan (Peony)


first blush of spring
mysteries unfolding
fragrant peony


laden with tears
the peony blossom
bows to the ground


faded peony 
I wish for your company
ants in my kitchen



Carpe Diem Time Machine #11 Kawasemi (Kingfisher)


The Belted Kingfisher gives his rattlely cry as he soars over the water.

the cry of the kingfisher
before the catch





Indian summer

Carpe Diem Time Machine # 10 Indian Summer


after the frost
an indian summer revives
corner of garden


Carpe Diem Time Machine # 8 PerfumeDSC_0120

after the spring rains
the smell of earth in my hands
bruised mint wafting



sweet honeysuckle
drenching the air
on a humid night



the faint aroma
of the locus tree blossoms
perfumes the breeze

Ancient Road

Carpe Diem Time Machine # 7 Ancient Road

the flooded path
becomes a raging river
for a leaf boat



ancient river path
carves the shape of the terrain
through the Cumberland’s


the Christian’s journey
to follow his savior’s way
fraught with misstep
clothed with compassion and love
walked with a heart filled with joy

IMG_0762 IMG_0784

walking the cool path
through the ancient forest
finding new life


Trail of Tears

Spring does not erase
Our passage
Nor warm the lingering spirits
Left behind, far from home.
Wagons rumble on, as we lie
In shallow graves, names not spoken.

Four thousand brethren forever
On the trail where we cried.

Betrayed by broken promises,
Forced to leave the land
We tended for countless moons.
Miles and miles through frozen valleys,
Trees the only witness
The wind the only answer to our tears.


Carpe Diem Time Machine #6 Skylark
HeedingHaikuWithHA  Spring


on the mountaintop
skylark’s continuous song
hangs in heavy fog

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