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Carpe Diem in the Footsteps of the Pharaohs

Ripon Falls – Source of Nile

Carpe Diem # 808 Ripon Falls Source of Nile?
Today is the end of our journey down the Nile River to find it’s source. The Ripon Falls use to flow into Lake Victoria but in 1954 the falls were covered over by the building of a dam that made Lake Victoria large.


Ripon Falls
the source of the Nile

Source - Wikimedia
Source – Wikimedia

Murchison Falls Uganda

Carpe Diem #807 Murchison Falls Uganda

Credit: Rod Waddington
Credit: Rod Waddington

Murchision Falls
waters rage and swirl
immersing  my regret


white foaming waters
at the foot of the falls
stirring the nile


in the cool of the falls
bathing my heart

Lake Victoria

Carpe Diem #806 Lake Victoria

As we continue to the source of the Nile we visit the beautiful Lake Victoria.  Unfortunately man has introduced non native -fish and water hyacinth that are causing lots of problems.  Raw sewage spews in to the lake from various countries and I’m sure industrial wast is dumped as well.  Their use to be over 300 different kinds of  cichlids in the lake that were endemic to this lake.  Most are now gone.

The health of this lake is important to so many who live of the land and waters around this lake.  Action needs to be taken to save this glorious lake before it is too late.

Lake Victoria
ecological wonder

gathering rain
lifeblood of the nile
being ravaged by man

White Nile

Carpe Diem #805 White Nile

White Nile
Aerial view of the ‘Gunga’ Rapid on the White Nile. (By

from it’s source
the White Nile churns
past Mount Kikizi


White Nile flows
sending nourishing downstream
baptizing the land

Yellow Nile

Carpe Diem #804 Yellow Nile (Wadi Howar)
Lake_Moeris_017 Lake Moeris


Wadi Wowar
remnant of the ancient nile
flows with yellow sand


yellow nile
ancient giver of life
now river of sand


until she is dry
Eonile spills her tears
Lake  Moeris

(not sure if this should read  was, spilled, since it is in the past – but then haiku is to capture a moment.)

Lake Tana

Carpe Diem #803 Lake Tana

Great White Pelicans on the lake Tana, Ethiopia by Giustino


pelican party
fishing all day long
on lake Tana


Blue Nile

Carpe Diem #802 Blue Nile

“Blue Nile Falls Ethiopia” by Jialiang Gao


along the Blue Nile
at the foot of the falls
genesis lingers


out of Africa
the River Gihon
churning blue


Carpe Diem #801 Khartoum

Flickr_-_HuTect_ShOts_-_Nile_River_نهر_النيل_-_From_the_University_Bridge_-_El.Mansoura_-_Egypt_-_01_05_2010 (1)
Photo by Ahmed Al.Badawy

at the confluence
where west meets north, blue meets white


north of Soba
lay fields of gold
watered by the nile
safflower in bloom
crop of the ancients

Passion Flower

Carpe Diem #800 Monophytism

                 Credit: Photo by Audrey


the passion flower
a story for interpretation
for Krishna or Christ


tendrils cling
hundreds of filaments wave
wind blown passion flower


purple passion flower
seeped in it’s own mystery
awakening dreams

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