writing in north norfolk

hooded darkness
spilling on the first light snow
shadow of the moon

hooded darkness
not even a star shaped hole
in the bowl of the sky

spilling on the first light snow
a poet’s fresh ink

shadow of the moon
flying past its silver face
a skein of snow geese

Kim M. Russell, 17th January 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem #1587 Buson’s Memorial Day (busonki)

January 17th is Buson’s Memorial Day (or busonki), which is also a classical kigo for winter, so today our challenge is to create a fusion-ku from two haiku by Buson and then create a troiku with the fusion-ku:

someone goes by wearing a hood
in his own darkness
not seeing the harvest moon

 the first light snow
then when the bowl of the sky is empty
the moon hanging in the bamboos

 Yosa Buson

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