Carpe Diem #1547 Renga With … the big five haiku poets

long this road
goes no one
this autumn eve                                       © Basho

only the wind and leaves
journey this desolate way

when I go out of the gate
I also am a traveller
in the autumn evening                             © Buson

following colorful path
toward new adventure

autumn’s bright moon
however far I walked, still afar off
in an unknown sky                                    © Chiyo-Ni

dimly lighting the path
of unbridled dreams

two houses!
two houses making rice-cakes:
autumn rain                                               © Issa

knocking at the door
begging for reprieve

with the autumn tempest
the small drum
falls from its shelf                                     © Shiki

beat of the thunder
like a line of tin soldiers

it is seen
in the papier-maché cat
the morning of autumn                          © Basho

colors glisten in its eyes
glowing on wet leaves