Carpe Diem #1523 H.F. Noyes’ … rusty toy truck (Renga With …)

1_U3ZZKcL7fw7ZI1nqe-DD1g.jpegbright fall day
the brook wanders off
its shimmer lingers

wittering pine siskins
flashing yellow

raking aside leaves
on the backyard pond
I release the moon
a koi breaks its hold

in a wake of ripples

evening walk
the creak of my boots
invades the stars
stirrings of crickets echo
in the distance an owl’s screech

full moon rising
nowhere on the empty beach
to hide our love
seeds of passion surge

a stolen kiss returned

as if nothing happened
the crow there
the willow here
walk continues

down forgotten trail

rusty toy truck
stuck on the mudbank
a cargo of blossoms
filtered light of a street lamp
illuminating sakura

© H.F. Noyes © Dolores