Carpe Diem #1515 French Haiku (Haiku Francophone)

I found a French haiku and a tanka that I liked.  I only speak English but  my attempt to write in French follows at the end


au bout de la rue
deux tas de pierres veillent
sur le vieux verger

at the end of the street
two piles of stones keep watch
over the old orchard

haiku by French Canadian poet André Duhaime

Dans l’ombre tissée
Par ces minces fils d’argent
Elle dort sans trêve
Parfois rôde un rêve d’aile
Un frisson parcourt la toile

In the shadow woven
By its thin silver treads
It always sleeps
Sometimes a dream of wing comes prawling
A thrill passes all over the web

tanka by French tanka masterRené Galichet


après l’orage
le gazouillis des oisillons
rompre le silence

after the storm
chirping of little birds
breaking the silence