Carpe Diem #1419 Rose Garden (kikobun)

A stroll through my rose garden is like a stroll through the happiest parts of my life.  There is Mr. Lincoln, a stately red rose of twenty odd years.  It was the first rose i planted when we bought our house together.  It has been moved numerous times, and has had a few lean years, but is still thriving.  Their is the Stars and Stripes planted with my son David.  Like him it is tall and gangly.  It is covered in large thorns but given time puts on a spectacular show, commanding attention just like my son.  The Blue Moon, planted for my eldest, has not been true to color.  It has struggled to thrive and rarely has blossoms, but occasionally surprises me.  The fairy queen is a tiny ground cover rose that thrives all season.  Like my daughter it’s always the same, but always amazing.  Queen Elizabeth is a sweet smelling pink rose.  Pat Austin is a week seemed rose that can barely hold its head.  It has lovely fragrant apricot blossoms.  My yellow rose, reminded me of my elderly friend born in Texas.  Neither made it through the winter this year, and leave a big hole.   I have many kinds and colors roses, except the knock outs.  I have a preference for the old fashioned roses.   The pink climbing rose which are one of the first to bloom in spring and then one of the last in fall when they rebloom, are my wild child.  They remind me of one of my grandchildren.  There are two different Joseph coat of many colors, one a tea rose and one a climbing rose.  The last rose I’ll mention, the Camara reminds me of my grandson.  This hybrid tea rose is a large relish orange rose.  The bush is small and unassuming.   Each rose reminds me of when and why they were planted, such as the miniature roses for lost pets.   They remind me of the summer activities coinciding with each bloom and the joy of the summer garden.


scent of roses
follow you down the path
laughter in the garden