Carpe Diem #1403 Mountains (kikôbun)

Bluegrass ParkwayIMG_4664

All along the parkway we stopped to photograph the mountains. The scenery was spectacular, but for May it was quite chilly.  This, however, did not deter the spring wildflowers that bloomed in profusion.  The changing light in the sky also added  to the dramatic look of the mountains.


mountain view
parkway over run
with mini coopers

We stopped for lunch along a river.  We had seen a few giant swallowtails from the car and i saw another as walked to the water. I climbed a large rock and sat down.  That’s when I started to notice lots of  swallowtails fluttering down the course of the river.  Their slow movement was hypnotizing.


wildflowers blossom
playing hide and seek
along the path   

mountain path
a snake entwined on a tree
no – a vine


bird sounds
echoing through the woods
hidden from sight
in a clearing
wild turkey