Carpe Diem #1147 Ise Shrine

Ise Shrine the most sacred shrine in Japan.  The inner sanctum is not for view of the average visitor, but the shrines in the outer garden are made to exact replica, only smaller.

sacred shrine
monk sweeps the path
prayer stains

Every 20 years the shrine buildings and the Uji  bridge are  rebuilt.  This reinforces the idea of impermanence of life.


reopened gates
Ise shrine flooded with pilgrims
solitude lost

scent of new shrine
lingers on the pathway
among the cypress
across the Isuzu River 
boarded by ancient trees


Isuzu River is located at the foot of Mount Kamiji and Mount Shimaji in the Mie Prefecture. After crossing the Uji Bridge you passing through the large torii gate marking the entrance to the shrine.


the Naiku shrine
stepping through the past
ancient spirituality


Ise Grand Shrine
beautiful part of Japan
imbued with holiness