Carpe Diem #972 The Netherlands

I have always been fascinated by the Netherlands.  I remember in 4th grade writing to the  Embassy  in Holland for information for my report on their country.  I received  a very large packet with pictures, pamphlets and many other things.  This was long before internet or even computers.  I remember being so impressed with their generosity.  My friends did not receive, as much stuff from their countries.  Our school library had six books on the boxcar children and lots of kid biographies on people like Kit Carson,  Daniel Boone, and Crazy Horse, and some well used encyclopedias and a very large atlas.    It probably had other books, but nothing that I recall.   Anyway I was very excited about my materials and held onto them for many, many years.

Today I chose to write about canals and windmills, some of what I think of as iconic Dutch.

By Peter Gugerell, Vienna, Austria (Own Photopraph) [GFDL

tree shadows dance
across the canal
afternoon touring



on the bank
reawakening Don Quixote
forgotten windmills