Carpe Diem #967 Belgium

Not knowing much about Belgium  except that it has lots of castles and gardens,  I decided to find out about the castle of Logne.   It is located on one hectare  at the summit of an abrupt cliff that overlooks the Ourthe and Lembrée Valleys.   The narrow cliff is 60 meteres high.  This fortified castle along the Ourthe River, has long been a natural refuge for in habitants of the area.  It has been used since prehistoric times.  The ruins  are filled with vestiges and subterranean passages.

The castle of Longe was closed in the 1500’s and the stones were pillaged. Then in the late 1800’s it was rediscovered and for over 100 years it has been in restoration.

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high above our heads
along the Ourthe River
ruins of castle Longe