Carpe Diem Special #200 Basho’s disciples: Ransetsu’s “against the blue”

The following are some poems by Ransetsu. The first is where the post got it’s title and the rest some of his work that I enjoyed.

At dusk the harvest moon
paints a pine-tree
against the blue


The pampas grass
sums up all the loneliness
of all Saga


a single leaf falls
then suddenly another
is stolen by the breeze


Ume ichi-rin ichirin hodo no atatakasa

one plum blossom
brings us just one more
step to the warmth

Hattori Ransetsu (1654-1707)


My attempt at capturing his spirit.

one daffodil
and suddenly
a field of spring


early march
a few fat snowflakes
and the sparrow’s tale tales


 amongst damp leaves
the wealth of summer
still hidden


against the blue
the red roses
ever redder