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January 2016

Beyond Movement

Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #64 Beyond “movement”


moonlight kisses
the cresting waves
calling me


in the early dawn
the crackle of frosted leaves
breaking the stillness


joy of living

Carpe Diem #891 joy of living


walking under
a shinny new star
your hand warm




first snow
the dark eyed junco
merrily feasting




the crescent moon shines
silver light upon my pillow
next to me you dream

Less Cold

Carpe Diem #890 Shoukan (less cold)


first snow
a powdery dusting
in dawns first light



blustery morning
puffed up barn cats
still shy away


first snow
pileated woodpecker
silently hunts


Desire for Spring

Carpe Diem #889 desire for spring

Today in my garden amongst the dried leaves and plants two flowers were still in bloom.


winter afternoon
blue pincushion flower
clings to summer




First Light of Sun

Carpe Diem #888 Hatsuhikari (first light of the sun)

The new year was herald in with spring blossoms instead of snow.  We had unseasonably warm weather, a cold snap and frost and now I have pink blossoms on one of my bushes.


in the sun’s first light
against the winter sky
pink blossoms


Stroll in the Fog

Carpe Diem Special #189 Georgia’s 5th strolling yesterday (tanka)


a stroll through the fog
pine trees dressed in spiderwebs
decked in pearls of dew
a large snail speeds slowly
down the center of the path


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