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December 2015

Seven Days of Christmas : Day 1 Fresh Snow

Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #1 fresh snow


Seven Days To  Christmas

Day 1: Fresh Snow

fresh snow
dusts the garden
bulbs in slumber

tall pine
decorated in snow
shelters a rabbit

fresh snow
the sun sets
on empty feeders

snow dampens
the sounds of the city streets
stars sing

Secrets of the Deep North unveiled

Carpe Diem #880 secrets unveiled of the Deep North: coolness, cloud peaks, not permitted to tell


trickling water
the scent of magnolia


Summer Rains

Carpe Diem #879 On our way to Mogamigawa: summer rains, admirable


summer rain
how quickly the river
floods over the road


mist and rain
a walk through the clouds
this summer morning


summer rains
the peony bows her head
from weight of tears


Such Stillness

Carpe Diem #878 the journey continues: an eyebrow brush; such stillness

This spring when we had climbed to the top of Chimney Rock  there was no view.  You could barely see the edge  of the mountain where it was engulfed in thick clouds.   It was as if everything had been swallowed up, even the sounds and if you got to close you would just disappear.


mountain summit
clouds engulf the view
silence hanges


a wren’s voice
parting the clouds
atop the mountain


Autumn Reflection

Carpe Diem Special #185 Georgia’s first “Autumn Reflections” (Troiku)

autumn reflections

autumn woods
reflected in lake and sky
a moment’s beauty

autumn woods
mixture of quiet and sadness
tinged with hope

reflected in lake and sky
a magical feast
of autumn color

a moment’s beauty
in autumn smiles


Roots of Elegance

Carpe Diem #872 our journey continues: across the field; one patch of a rice field; roots of elegance

This past March we hiked through the beautiful woods of North Carolina.

springwalk haigia.jpg

spring walk
what a joy to find


at the alter
of the rotting tree
half a walnut


Even Woodpeckers

Carpe Diem #871 The Narrow Road continues: for a while; a summer mountain; even woodpeckers

a summer mountain
flowers spill forth
praising the heavens


even the woodpecker
braves the snowstorm
for a walnut treat

Ocean Sunrise

for Heeding Haiku December Haibun in 75 words.


Early morning  I walk barefoot down the still dark beach, the ocean lapping at my feet.  I head toward the peer, stopping occasionally to pick up a shell or two. The sun begins rise and I hurry along. I walk under the piling,  wading deeper in the water.  As I come out from under the peer the dawn greets me.

fiery sunrise
amber light stretching
over the ocean

Psalm 5:11–12

Psalm 5:11–12 11 But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them,that those who love your name may rejoice in you. 12 Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous;you surround them with your favor as with a shield.


Oh Lord, we come to you with song and thanksgiving. Make glad our hearts spreading your protection over us, oh Lord.

Your rain falls on the just and the unjust oh my Lord! Surely you favor those who are righteous, but what of those who speak out in righteous indignation, stirring up hatred.

What of those who call on your name to strike down the unjust and the innocent. Where, Oh Lord, does your favor lie?

Is it not man who has caused war and rumors of war? What obligation are we under to spread our protection over refugees or to care for the poor? Is it enough to pray for blessings in faith and take no action?

If we truly rejoice in your name, oh Lord of all creation, must we not love all people? Must we not take care of all you created? Help us, oh Lord! Help us forgo our greed and our hatred. Spread your favor like a protective shield. Bless us, oh Lord. with true righteousness. Let our hearts be gladdened, let us sing your joy.

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