Carpe Diem Seven Days Before Christmas 2015 #7 don’t be afraid (meditation)


True peace may begin with a single act from a single individual.  Each of us has that capacity to show true compassion, if we are afraid to act and only talk, aren’t we just a noisy gong.

peace among nations
may start with a single act
of compassion

I have to say I was stunned at the Christmas eve service when the people behind me were whispering about how it was a shame ____ was sitting by herself.  I looked back and did not recognize the woman.  I waited for the other ladies to do something. That was all that their compassion allowed.  I quietly got up walked to the back of the church and sat down next to her.  I only whispered.” I thought you might like someone to sit with.”  There was a hint of a smile briefly on her face.

on a cold night
a strange lent his stable
for a humble birth

 I do not say this to thump myself on the back or to admonish others.  I do not tell you this to say that I am more spiritual. What I want you to be aware of is how often we have missed opportunities to show a bit of love and human compassion. If we recognize a need and do nothing about it aren’t we to beheld accountable.  If we can’t show a bit of compassion within our own community how do we expect others to tolerate of our religion.

True peace is not just a lovely sentiment on a greeting card, it is not a pristine surrounding.  For true peace to spread we must step out of out comfort zones, get a little dirty, show others they are important and that we care.  We must hug the dirty children, listen to the lonely, and share a bit of ourselves.

on a long ago eve
a savior came to save the world
with love


on a moonlit night
beauty overwhelms the nations
hope lifted