Could You Spare a Dime?

Out sitting under the stars watching the Orionids Meteor Shower I had lots of time to think. I pondered the millions of stars, each always in its place. This made me think of the millions of Syrians without a place. How could one ordinary person make a difference in the Syrian refugee crisis? I wondered how much money could I spare. Not much. If I set aside a dime a day in a month that would only be three dollars. What If I challenged just ten people that would be thirty dollars in a month. If each of these ten people challenged ten more people, or their co-workers, classmates or church members… well you could see how that would add up.

What about you? And if you do it for one month then maybe you could do it for another. Why not try for a whole year? I mean this crisis is not going to be solved overnight, people are going to need food water, housing and medicine. They will need schools and jobs. It’s a lot of resources for communities to absorb. So could you spare a dime a day?

There are many organizations that could use your support. It’s not who you give to but that you give that’s important. Step up and help. I saw just one meteor but it made a spectacular blaze. Make a difference for something that matters — life and dignity. Start your own shower of dimes.

Be sure to check out any organization you give to. Are they legitimate? How much of their money actually goes to the cause and how much is overhead? Click Charity Watch to get the ratings on the top charities helping this crises and contact information.