Carpe Diem #799 Nubian pyramids Meroë

I found reading the history of the Nubians quite interesting.  They seem to have had high esteem for their female queens and gave then status equal to their kings.   Have  any of you heard of the great warrior queen of Nubia, Amanishakheto? She led her people with a strong arm, and built pyramids in Meroë.  Unfortunately in 1832 her pyramid/tomb was leveled to the ground by an Italian treasure hunter, Giuseppe Ferlini.

ancient Kushite rulers
constructing tombs for kings and queens
in Egyptian style


Nubian rulers
decked out in Egyptian style
hidden beneath the sand


behind granite lions
hidden amongst the shadows
secrets of the past
as stones unearthed gradual
answers to Nubian puzzles

Longer documentary on Nubia