Carpe Diem #750  Dawn

For me this dawn brings much sadness and tears keep slipping out. So as I try to write about the dawn, I find myself entrenched in melancholy thoughts.

early dawn
in a still misty haze
memories flood

I think about squandered moments and all the future memories we should have been able to share.

as dawn approaches
shadows becoming clear
my eyes blurred with tears

Yet I think,, I should be happy that we will get to share some of your last minutes with you.  A chance to laugh and say what we had not.

as the new day dawns
light brings rebirth
tears overflow

We shall have a gathering and all your friends will come to say how much you mean to them.

after the party
in the stillness of dawn
old friends reminisce

 And the dawn will still come after your passing. Trying hard to write something more up beat.

hazy dawn
dripping with shadows
and earthy aroma

Yet my thoughts drift back again to you.

in morning twilight
tears buried –smile donned
picking blooms for you


All I can say is my dearest friend, I love you and will cherish the few days we have.  Holding on to memories for a life time.