Carpe Diem #749 Rain

It has been quite rainy here so rain has been on my mind for a few days.  Looking over my garden from the porch I penned the following haiku.


rain, rain, rain,
puddles growing larger
rose go for a swim

While visiting a hospice patient on a rainy day, I saw a turtle seeking shelter under a tree.

after the rain
a box turtle under the oak
and a rooster’s crow


Looking out at my front lawn  I found a fairy ring.

after the rains
mushrooms blossom
on the front lawn

IMG_2390gentle rush of rain
soothes the night air
lulling us to sleep


following the rain
each petal adorned
with gems of water

On June 2nd, I wanted to see the first full moon, known as the strawberry moon,,but there were to many clouds.  In fact I hadn’t seen the waxing moon at all.  After this the moon would be waning again.


after the rain
the moon shines brighter
and a cricket chirps

IMG_2466I have certainly enjoyed the growth of everything after all the rain.  It can be so refreshing.  Don’t let any kind of storm clouds ruin your day.

clouds brew
everything is better
after the rain