Lyrid Meteor Shower

It’s dark out and I pull on my winter coat and grab a lawn chair to lay on and head down the porch steps. I search for the darkest spot of the yard and set up. The big dipper is above my head shining brightly. My husband comes out later waving his flashlight about and sets up a chair. He returns to the house to look for blankets. His return stirs up the neighbors dogs whose barking cuts the cold air. A light from the neighbors on the other side comes on. I think the bulb must have come from a searchlight. I angle my chair so the light doesn’t blind me.I look at the blanket my husband hands me. Hardly believing he would pull the new white comforter off the guest bed when there are extra blankets stacked around the house and next to the guest bed. I roll my eyes in the dark and say nothing.

We gaze at the heavens for about twenty minutes and see two meteors. It’s cold so we decide we will call it at three. I wait laying on the lawn chair in my coat and with the blanket pulled up over most of my face. The cold air blows up and around me, and I shiver. It is hard to believe in mid April you would need a blanket and coat to keep warm. My teeth start to chatter and we give up, hurrying into the house stirring up the dogs again

The lyrid meteors is the dust from the comet Thatcher. This comet was first recorded in 1861.

we look up
beneath a waxing moon
Lyrid meteor